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Ar. Norzaini Mufti is an Alumni of Sekolah Alam Shah, a fully residential Government school in Kuala Lumpur. A pioneer student of KPP/ITM MUCIA program and obtained his Associate Degree from Indiana University, Bachelor of Environmental Design from Texas A&M University, College Station and Master of Architecture from The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA. Employed at FD Architects Partnership for seven years and became the Managing Director of Zenithal Creative Works sendirian berhad, a design consultancy firm, in year 2000. Zaini became registered as a Professional Architect and became Principal of Zaini Mufti Architect in 2004. Z&SR Architectural Ventures sendirian berhad began its operation in 2006 and Zaini was one of the two founding Directors.
Ar. Syed Muhammad Radhi Syed Sakkaf is an Alumni of MARA Science Junior College, Kuala Terengganu and obtained his Bach. of Art in Architecture (RIBA Part 1) and Diploma in Architecture (RIBA Part 2) from University of Sheffield, United Kingdom. Syed Radhi holds a Certificate in Project Management and is a Green Building Facilitator. Syed’s working experience spans over twenty years and includes stints at Department of Architecture, Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council, Panca Indera Arkitek, the Architectural Network, Bina Struktur sendirian berhad and RAM Architect.
ZSR Design Group now employs 15 staff and operate from a 3,000 square feet premise. Well equipped with all the essentials needed to serve our clients in an efficient and timely manner.